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Security Systems

Residential Alarm Systems

Platt Security Systems has installed over one thousand residential alarm systems. We install, state of the art, GE Interlogix and Honeywell systems. At Platt Security Systems we feel it is important to provide total protection for your home, giving you the peace of mind knowing your home is safe when you are away, and most important while you are asleep. Our systems also allow for the addition of fire and carbon monoxide protection as well.

Alarm System Options

alarm system options

  • Window and Door sensors
  • Interior Motion sensors (pet immune)
  • Wireless Key Fobs (allows system to be armed and unarmed with the touch of a button)
  • Voice Guidance (the system talks to you)
  • Smoke and Heat sensors
  • Carbon Monoxide sensors
  • Temperature sensors (wine cellars and freezers)
  • Personal Emergency (panic buttons)

Security for Life

security for life

You’ll never worry that your security system isn’t right for you. Platt Security Systems gives you the exact security you need. If your needs change in the future, it’s easy and economical to modify your system.

As an added benefit, should sell your home and move to a new location we will move your alarm system free of charge. Your family deserves the best protection you can give. GE Interlogix and Honeywell is your best solution.

You can tailor your system to match your precise security and life safety needs. Then rest easy because your system is watching over your home, family and possessions 24 hours a day.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Whether your business is a small office with one door or a large industrial building with multiple doors, we can design a system to fit your needs. Using a GE Interlogix Concord or Honeywell commercial system allows us the flexibility of both hardwired and wireless sensors.

This flexibility allow us to reach facility remote gates and containers without expensive conduit runs and trenching. Our commercial system will allow your premises to be divided into as many as six areas, each with its own alarm system and keypad.

Alarm System Options
alarm system keypad

  • Hardwire and Wireless Window and Door sensors
  • Hardwire and Wireless Interior and exterior motion sensors
  • Wireless Key Fobs (allows system to be armed and unarmed with the touch of a button)
  • Wireless remote Gate sensors
  • Wireless Container sensors
  • Temperature sensors (cold storage and freezers)
  • Hardwire and Wireless roll-up door sensors
  • Hardwire and wireless Glass sensors
  • Hardwire and Wireless beam sensors

Alarm Monitoring

Platt Security Systems offers alarm monitoring for Platt Security Systems installed systems as well as most existing alarm systems. Our monitoring is performed by GMS (GENERAL MONITORING SERVICES) a state of the art alarm central station located locally in the city of Huntington Beach, not out of state. A professional dispatcher handles your alarm activation and the proper emergency response calls will be made either to Platt Security’s patrol officers or your local law enforcement agency.

Video Surveillance Systems

video surveillance

From a four camera residential system or sixteen camera commercial system, to a two hundred camera city facility system, we can design and install a system to fit your needs. Whether it is analog or IP, indoor or outdoor, video surveillance is an excellent way of documenting activity
on your property. A picture is worth a thousand words.

No longer is video surveillance a cumbersome thing that requires remembering to change tapes and searching for hours to find a occurrence Today’s digital video recorders are totally self-contained and can record close to real time video for months if required. Recording only when motion is detected and searching by time and date eliminates hours of reviewing to find an occurrence.

Our digital video recorders systems allow you to view your home or business, remotely from anywhere you can access the internet.

Video System Options

  • Digital Analog Records (4 to 32 channels)
  • Digital IP Video Records (4 to 64 channels)
  • Fixed Dome Cameras (Analog or IP)
  • Pan-Tilt & Zoom Dome Cameras (Analog or IP)
  • Covert Cameras (Hardwire and wireless)
  • Audio Recording Capabilities
  • Wireless Video Capability
  • Text Inserting Capabilities

Remote Video Verification

Combined with a Platt Security system we offer Remote Video Verification. When our 24/7 central station receives an alarm activation on your property, Platt Security will perform a remote live video visual of your property. In the event activity is observed, Platt Security will dispatch the proper emergency response based on your directions.

video surveillance equipment

Access Control Systems

Access Control will allow you to eliminate keys and have total control of who can enter your property. From one or two door residential systems to one hundred door commercial or industrial systems we can design and install a system to fit your needs. With Web based control you program who is allowed access from 24/7 to certain days and times. All access information is stored in the system and can be checked at anytime from anywhere that you have internet capabilities. Access can be controlled at any entry you have a door, gate, or any point that is lockable.

Equipment and Reader Options
access control equipment

  • Self-Contained Single Doors Systems
  • Multi Door Network Bases Systems
  • Vehicle and Pedestrian Gate Control
  • Numeric Key Pad Readers
  • Bar Code Card Readers
  • Prox Card Readers
  • Key Fob Readers
  • Finger Print Readers
  • Hand Print Readers

Alarm Response Service (Select Areas Only)

With the increasing calls for service police agencies are experiencing, there is a definite need for our alarm response service. Platt Security’s armed officers will respond to your alarm or panic activation. You will have peace of mind, knowing that Platt Security officers will be responding within minutes. This can also save on costly false alarm fees imposed by your local police department. If our officers find your home has been violated our dispatcher will notify the emergency contact that you have on file as well as the local Police.

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